"Vitamin O" book by Dr. Krauss

"Vitamin O" book by Dr. Krauss

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Vitamin O: Nature's Most Important Dietary Supplement


AUTHOR: Stephen R. Krauss, Ph.D.

PAPERBACK: 318 pages

ISBN: 978-1-5323-3029-2


DESCRIPTION: Of all the chemical elements, oxygen is the most vital to the human body. It is absolutely crucial to the life processes of all living creatures. It is at the basis of all energy production and is the key to combating disease. To create every chemical bond, every new cell or every thought pattern and memory requires a constant supply of the most important element on our planet: oxygen. We can go without food for 40 days, water for seven days, but only a few minutes without life-giving oxygen. This second edition contains more detailed research and a more in-depth look at the importance of oxygen to a healthy body. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephen R. Krauss, Ph.D. is the creator of the proprietary formula in O2 Drops.  Dr. Krauss has over 40 years of executive management experience in sales, manufacturing, and nutritional formulation and distribution on an international level. Dr. Krauss introduced Activated Stabilized Oxygen to the market in 1996 and, since then, he’s established his company Oxigenesis as the world's leading formulator, manufacturer, and distributor of oxygen-enhanced health products. He has been a featured guest on nationally syndicated radio talk shows to educate on the topics of oxygen and holistic wellness. He has also worked as a national training consultant with Fortune 500 companies, state and federal government agencies and universities.