$100 Gear Prize

Congratulations on your rank achievement!

LurraLife Associates who achieve the Two Star rank earn $100 in value at the LurraLife Gear Store!  So that you can get your prize as quickly as possible and start enjoying your new professional marketing tools and stunning branded gear, below is some important information regarding how the gear prize works.

If you have questions about your gear prize, email the store at store@lurralifegear.com or leave a voicemail at (801) 896-5880, and we will return your message as soon as possible.

If you have questions about your rank or other prizes, contact LurraLife Corporate Member Support at (385) 715-2519 or support@lurralife.com or by submitting a support ticket via your Back Office. 

Please note, the LurraLife Gear Store only processes the gear prize; we do not process the other, higher level prizes.



I want the $100 gear prize!  How do I qualify for it?

All LurraLife Associates receive the $100 gear prize when they first achieve the rank of Two Star.

For a list of rank qualifications and prizes, refer to the Compensation Plan.

To view the current rank standings, refer to the Rank Recognition list.

To see your rank status, check in your Back Office or contact LurraLife Corporate Member Support.

When and how will I receive my $100 gear prize?

At the end of each calendar month, Corporate provides us with a list of the latest recipients for the prize.  Then we send out a unique store code ($100 value) to each qualifying associate that can be spent at the store.  Please allow a few business days after the end of the month cycle to receive your code. 

Your store code will be sent to the email address on file with your associate account.  Please note, for security purposes, it cannot be sent to other email addresses nor be given over the phone, even if the distributor requests it.  To ensure you receive the email containing your code, add the store's email address to your saved contacts and (just in case) check your SPAM folder.  If you can’t find it, let us know and we’ll re-send it.

How do I redeem my $100 gear prize?

Once you receive your store code, simply browse the online store and Add to Cart the item(s) you want.  When you’ve made your selection(s), proceed to Check Out.  On the checkout screen, enter your store code into the “DISCOUNT” field (located at the bottom of the cart list), then click “APPLY”, and the store code dollar amount will apply towards your shopping cart total. 

DISCLAIMER: Store codes are non-refundable and have no cash value outside the store.

Do I have to spend the full amount at one time? 

Store codes do not hold a balance that can be spent over multiple transactions.  So to ensure you use up your full prize amount, we recommend filling up your shopping cart with items that total $100 or more.  If you use only part of the dollar value of the store code and want to use the rest later, please let us know immediately, and we can check the system to confirm the amount remaining and then issue you another store code that can be used for the balance. 

What if I want to buy something that costs more than the amount of my store code?

No problem.  If your order total is more than the dollar value of your store code, you will be prompted to choose an additional payment method to cover the difference at checkout.

Can I combine multiple store codes?

Only one store code can be used per online transaction.  The shopping cart software will not automatically stack multiple discount codes at checkout.  Therefore, if you have multiple unused store codes that you want to combine, please let us know, and we can cancel the other codes then issue a new one for the combined amounts.

My store code doesn’t seem to be working…what should I do?

The most common reasons why a store code would not work are addressed below.  If these tips do not help, please contact us, and we’ll look into the matter right away. 

Store codes are made up of random combination of letters and numbers.  If your code has a character that looks like it could be the number zero “0” or the capital letter “o”, try entering the digits both ways.  Likewise, for the number one "1" and the capital letter "i" and lowercase “l”.  FYI, the codes are not case sensitive. 

Also, each store code has a one-time use.  After a store code has been applied to a transaction, it becomes inactive.  So if your store code has already been used for a previous purchase, it will no longer work.  Moreover, store codes do not hold a balance, so if you used only part of the dollar value of your code and want to use the rest, please let us know, we can check the system to confirm the amount remaining and then issue another code that you can use for the balance. 

I lost or forgot my store code…where can I find it?

No worries. Your store code was sent to the email address from which you sent your initial request, so the quickest way to find it is to refer to that original email.  (Tip: Check your SPAM folder if your email system has a strong filter.)  Or feel free to contact us, and we’ll re-send it.  Please note, for security purposes, codes cannot be sent to other email addresses nor be given out over the phone, even if the distributor requests it.

Will my store code expire?

No, store codes do not have an expiration date.  But don’t wait to use it!  There are so many great marketing tools and gear that you can choose from.